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Hope Outreach Community Centre

Deliverance, Healing, Overcoming


Friday  @ 7:00 p.m.


If you struggle with chronic illness, disease, an emotional disorder (PTSD, shame, guilt...), painful memories etc. and want to be free of them then this could be your opportunity. Join Greg and Gail Dowd every Friday evening and learn to be an over-comer through a series of teachings and videos that could set you on the path to freedom. 




    About the Dowds

   Greg and Gail Dowd have been  in ministry together for

   5 years and each of them have experienced healing

   through "Be in Health" ministries located in Georgia

   U.S.A. Gail, who was a Florida nurse, was healed of

   allergies in 2009 and Greg, who suffered from epilepsy

   since childhood, was healed in June of 2008. Their

   healing took place while enrolled in their training classes

  for healing, deliverance and overcoming through that

  same ministry. Out of gratitude and obedience to God,

  they walk in their assignment to set the captives free. To

  learn more about their ministry "Hope Outreach

  Community Centre" please visit their website at:


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